Make Positive Life Style Changes and feel better about yourself in so many areas of life.

Improve your Sports performance: increase confidence, concentration, self belief and preparedness.

Achieve Weight Loss: change eating patterns and improve motivation, also Eating Disorders & Virtual Gastric Band Technique.

Smoking Cessation: become a non-smoker, enjoy improved health and environment as well as improved finances.

Alcohol & Substance Misuse and other Addictions

Reduce Stress: improve wellbeing

Improve self-esteem and confidence

Rid yourself of self-defeating phobias and habits.

Reduce Anxiety & Depression.

Conquer Exam Nerves & Anger Issues.

You can effect these lifestyle changes through hypnotherapy to improve all of the above and more.

Hypnotherapy uses the gentle techniques of:





Hypnotherapy can provide the positive influence which will help you achieve the changes you desire to improve your health and wellbeing.

This will bring benefits not only for yourself, but for family and friends also.

Similarly, Counselling can help with:

Relationship Issues-Couples' Counselling-Affairs & 

Betrayal-Family Issues, as well as:

Bereavement and Loss - Anger - Guilt - Anxiety - Sadness - 

Denial - Depression - Insomnia.

Providing you with necessary support to help cope with life's difficulties.